Case Study 1
  • Transaction: Non-Performing Loans Portfolio
  • Seller: Ukrainian-based financial institutions
  • Buyer: International investment fund
  • Amount: US$10m equivalent
  • Purchase price: 22% of gross nominal value (excluding commission and expenses)
  • Helios’ role: Sole Advisor and Structuring Agent to the Buyer
Description A Ukrainian Bank was urgently looking to sell a Non Performing Loan Portfolio of US$10m notional comprising 61% of principal and 39% of interest outstanding to support its liquidity and improved its regulatory ratios. The portfolio comprised a mix of collateralized and uncollateriseld (or deemed uncollateralized) loans. Helios acted as Sole Advisor and Structuring Agent to the Buyer, having first source the transaction. Within 2 weeks, the team has conducted on behalf of the Buyer necessary due diligence and discussed key terms. Closing happened within 3 weeks, a remarkable timing for a highly sophisticated transactions implying a large number of re-assignments of corporate rights and pledges.

The transaction resulted in 30%+ IRR for the Buyer.

Case Study 2
  • Transaction: Restructuring
  • Borrower: An international real estate group
  • Lender: A top European Bank
  • Amount: EUR15 million
  • Restructuring terms: Write-off, full debt re-profiling and refinancing
  • Helios’ role: Sole Advisor to the Borrower


The Borrower was in technical default with a EUR15 million facility from a European Bank since 2009. In 2013-2014, the Borrower was hit by the Financial crisis and its debt burden became even more unstainable. In addition, the collateral value pledged plummeted in value making a liquidation unattractive to the Lender.

In this challenging situation where communication between Lender and Borrower are usually becoming tense that Helios’ team was retained by the Borrower.

The first step was to reestablish an environment of confidence between the Parties, then a new business model was submitted to the Lender with the support the of the Helios team. After 3 months of negotiation, a new Term Sheet was approved by the Lender’s credit committee and successfully implemented. By the end of the year, the Borrower refinance the loan with another European bank, putting an end to challenging situation which was dragging on for years.

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